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The Dandy Boys

Masters of the sea by day, gangs of dandies by night, the dandy boys paraded the ports, preened, cocky and colourful. The Dandy boys are a gentle satire of these groups of fisherman in the sixties who developed their own uniquely flamboyant style for nights out in port. It was a fiercely independent statement of identity, following its own rules, oblivious, or at least indifferent to the mainstream fashion of the day. They were earning a good weekly wage and could afford to dress up when they were off the boats. The Lowestoft Journal reported: “I remember suits of red, bright yellow, lime green, tartan and one lad was said to have had one made out of curtain material … you can imagine the colourful scene when a group of these ’48 hour millionaires’ got together when they came in from the sea.”

size: 180cm x 90cm x 60cm
materials: steel, powder coated
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