Public Art

Quick Step to Recovery

Commissioned by the Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust

Rather than shying away from the light hearted it was agreed, after consultation with the Arts for health group, staff, patients and the visitors patient forum, that this was precisely the place that could benefit from humour, offering everyone a moment of light relief. 
The theme of dance mirrors the bustle of activity in the hospital and appealed to people across the generations. For some in the hospital the sculptures spark fond memories of spending Saturday night’s ballroom dancing, for others it is a spectacle to make them smile.
As the hospital operates 24/7, the sculpture has real night lighting and a mock chandelier suspended from the wall. Like 24-hour dance-a-thons, the Dancers are there in the courtyard come rain or shine, putting a smile on the faces of the patients, staff and visitors to the hospital.
size: 250cm x 500cm x 800cm
materials: steel, painted
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